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Magnetic Moon - Brand Identity Development - Marra Creative Studio

At the heart of Magnetic Moon’s brand identity development lay a commitment to crafting a narrative that resonates with individuals dedicated to clean living values. Situated in the scenic landscapes of Santa Barbara, California, Magnetic Moon envisioned a brand that mirrored the purity and sustainability of its surroundings.

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Lifestyle Brand Photography | Well Prepped with Aisha Zaza | Photographed by Marra Creative Studio

As a creative agency, there is nothing greater than when one of your closest friends comes to you with a fun project! We’ve been photographing Aisha (Zaza Sams) for quite a few years with her fitness journey, as well her as hit podcast, The Mindset Mile. The next phase of her entrepreneurship endeavors is the […]

Nomad Lane Bento Bag Brand Photography by Marra Creative Studio

What started out as just being a genuine fan of the Nomad Lane brand turned into brand photography campaigns and content creation on a monthly basis. It’s really fun when you get to work with entrepreneurs, brands, and products that you feel a connection with, and taking brand photos of the Bento Bag, all over […]

Marra Creative Studio - Lifestyle Photography - Los Angeles California

It was such a blast to collaborate with Lifestyle Blogger Kristina McInnis on this photo shoot in sunny Los Angeles, California! The goal of this campaign was to feature key outfits in some of the most well-known and iconic locations in the Los Angeles area in an eye-catching and playful way.

Marra Creative Studio - The Wild Laurel Co. - Ventura California

Shot in the mountains of Malibu, California, this photoshoot for jewelry brand The Wild Laurel Co. gives us all the dreamy wanderlust vibes.

Bare Complexion Acne & Skincare - Ventura California - Marra Creative Studio - Brand Identity Development

This Summer we had the pleasure of leading a rebrand for Stephanie Vega, owner of Bare Complexion Acne & Skincare in Ventura, California. The result? A luxury, timeless, and recognizable brand that reflects the caliber of her services.