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Fat Loss Finish Line - Showit Website Design - Marra Creative Studio

Karisa Curtis is a California based fitness expert and endurance athlete turned hustling soccer mama, ambitious goal-getter, hype-woman, eternal student on a mission to help women fall in love with taking care of their health. Her signature program Fat Loss Finish Line was designed to teach you how to hack your physiology using nutrition, movement, and other methods to forever change how your body looks, functions, and feels.

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Alexa Landolfi - Showit Website Design - Marra Creative Studio

Alexa Landolfi is a Connecticut Based Autoimmune Expert offering resources and support. Her mission is to help  women suffering from various Autoimmune Diseases to be the best version of themselves despite their diagnosis.

Marra Creative Studio - Danielle Vardaro - Showit Website Design

Danielle Vardaro is an Aviation Executive, Marketer, Global Speaker, Champagne Lover, Hype-Woman, and Champion for Women & Moms in the Workplace. She is currently the Vice President of Worldwide Customer Support & Aftermarket Sales in Commercial Aviation for Embraer where she leads a high-impact global team. Alongside her day job, she’s committed to elevating the impact and presence of women in STE(A)M and is passionate about helping women actualize their full potential.

Marra Creative Studio - Phineas Street Vintage - Brand Identity Development

Phineas Street Vintage was founded by CarolineWilder out of a love for vintage stemming from being close with her relatives of the Greatest Generation and wanting to keep their memories alive.

Marra Creative Studio - Danielle Vardaro - Brand Identity Development

Danielle Vardaro is a personal brand dedicated to empowering women to level up in life and leadership while actualizing their full potential and creating more “champagne moments” every day.

5 Reasons a Fitness Studio Needs Brand Photography | Marra Creative Studio

If you own a fitness studio, are a personal trainer, or have your own online program, it’s essential that you invest in brand photography because until you get them to try out your program, you’re likely relying on your ability to inspire them. Potential clients want to feel a connection to their coach. It’s likely […]