February 28, 2023

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A Shopify e-commerce website design project that involves ridiculously amazing scented candles — we’re in! There is so much to love about Hot Mess Creations, but what stands out to us is not only the passion that Laurel has to create high-quality, one-of-a-kind candle creations, but that she’s having fun with her brand. There are candles aptly named “She’s Spicy,” “Butt Naked,” and of course, “Hot Mess.”

We initially started working with HMC (Hot Mess Creations) from the brand identity development and brand photography service offerings. Her passionate hobby quickly turned into a profitable business amongst the local Ventura community and she realized it was time to have a brand name and logo and if she wanted to have any success on social media, simply taking iPhone photos wouldn’t do them justice.

Honestly, it wasn’t long after completing her branding that Laurel knew the next step would be a website where she could sell her candles. She was constantly getting messages from people asking how they could buy them and text message orders weren’t cutting it.

Since we already had all the assets for the HMC branding and a large gallery of brand photography assets, we jumped right into her Shopify website design. We ended up with 8+ pages including a home page, an about page, the shop, a contact page, a wholesale page (for businesses who want a custom-made candle), and subsidiary pages of FAQs, Care + Safety, and Shipping + Returns.

It’s a super fun website where you wish there was a scratch-and-sniff feature so you could truly enjoy just how wonderful these candles smell. Plus, it’s great to check back often because Laurel is often launching new scents (we help with a maintenance website plan any time she needs help loading new products, updating the home page, etc).

Hot Mess Creations Shopify E-Commerce Design by Marra Creative Studio
Hot Mess Creations Shopify E-Commerce Design by Marra Creative Studio

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