We aim to elevate both you & your brand.


Collectively, we're a full service creative marketing studio committed to elevating your brand through thoughtful and innovative branding, web design, photography and social media strategy. Collaboratively, we work together to bring your vision to life so that it feels authentic and genuine to you and your brand.

And when there are the moments in between, we seek out to capture beautiful, raw memories like a sand in an hourglass so they'll forever be cherished for years to come.

Hey there, I'm Kristin Mansky! I'm just a small town Wisconsin girl living her dreams in the quaint California coastal city of Ventura. An avid sun seeker looking to capture a life of adventure. I believe life is to be lived in the moment, that a smile can truly change a persons day, the mountains are always calling, being authentic is the key to happiness and matcha mornings with the pups is the key to a good day.

I'm passionate about creating genuine connections, elevating a person or brand to their ultimate potential and believing that you can love what you do everyday. It's possible that you can live more and work less and it starts by working with entrepreneurs to help them grow an authentic, passionate, and profitable business. I believe in the small details, that being adaptable makes you relatable and that perfectionism isn't the answer, progress is.

My primary role is as lead photographer + branding expert, but I'm also there to help to guide your design project through the entire process and make your experience simple, straightforward and most importantly, enjoyable.    


Kristin Mansky

Branding expert + photographer

Christina Guzmán

lead designer
+ associate photographer

Hello! I'm Christina Guzmán, a New England native soaking up the sunshine here in beautiful Ventura, California with my husband. Being outdoors with a camera in my hands brings me the most joy in life and I believe that pursuing what sets your soul on fire should always be your number one priority.

My professional passion lies in creating beautiful, eye-catching brand identities for businesses and entrepreneurs. My goal is to help connect you with your dream clientele by using thoughtful design combined with beautifully curated imagery.

Here at Marra Creative, my role is to collaborate directly with you to create a brand that will not only attract your ideal audience, but one that feels authentic to who you are and the unique gifts you have to offer the world!


Hi, I’m Alexis Llanos! Born and raised in rainy Seattle Washington, I found my way to sunny Southern California 7 years ago. As a recent Ventura resident, I am thrilled to be connecting with the community and bringing my creativity and passion for digital content to life.

For the past 6+ years, I have helped brands create & curate content while engaging existing customers and simultaneously focusing on new growth. I believe that sharing beautiful imagery, building customer loyalty and telling an authentic story is the perfect combination for social media success.

With Marra Creative, I am here to help you connect, engage and grow your audience while remaining authentic and true to your brand mission. I can’t wait to help you tell your story and bring your vision to life!  


Alexis Llanos

Digital Brand Manager

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Founder & CEO

Ally Mason

A Smile Can Change the World

we believe

We believe in capturing a life filled with authenticity. That your dreams can become your reality and that you can love what you show up to do everyday. Life doesn't have to be about picking and choosing, but rather driven in pursuit of the things you deserve. We aim to help you make meaningful connections with your audience and empower you to share your story with the world.     

In people over profit

we believe

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what we value


As much as we cherish the hustle, we relish in the quiet moments spent with our hands wrapped around a warm matcha latté, usually with puppies and loved ones by our side. Finding time to intentionally slow down and to be present allows us to create deeper connections and a greater sense of fulfillment.     


Our greatest joy comes from capturing raw, authentic moments that our couples and families will treasure for a lifetime. It's in the belly laughs, dancing in a field, embracing wild + windy hair, the warm embraces, sneaking in a kiss and all the moments in between.


We believe you can create a simpler life with less — that through thoughtful intention, trusting that by slowing down you can live more lightly and that the things that truly bring us joy are rarely ever things.     

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