We approach our website designs with intention to create authentic connections with your audience. In that, we use creativity and storytelling as our tools for communicating and connecting with others. The result is eye-catching yet simplistic + clean Showit and Shopify website designs that stand out in a crowded market.

Website design

You have a                story to tell and we can help you share it.


You have a                                story
to tell and we can
help you share it.

We believe that the strategy behind a website is just as important as the overall aesthetics. A beautifully designed website won't get you the result you desire if it doesn’t take your customers on a well thought out journey. 

Where Strategy Meets Beautiful and Intentional Design.

Our passion is creating stunning websites backed by intentional strategy that make your business a magnet for your soulmate clients. 


Your unique story is what sets you apart to attract your ideal audience, cultivate a community and establish an instant connection that makes them want to learn more. We'll provide you with a basic blueprint informed by your strategy to help you organize and refine your copy. Not wanting to tackle the writing portion yourself? No worries! We're able to collaborate on copywriting solutions that will help you to whip up eloquent and powerful words that connect and convert in no time.


Before we dive into the aesthetics of your website design, we sit down with you to work through an intentional content strategy. This includes gaining a deeper understanding of your clients needs so that together we can craft a customer journey that makes investing in your business a no brainer for them. 


Once we've done the foundational work of creating a strategy and road map for the content of your website, then it's time to dive into the design aspect. We'll use your strategy blueprint as well as your completed copy to design a website on either Showit or Shopify that is as beautiful as it is functional, mobile responsive and SEO friendly so that you can connect with your soulmate clients faster than ever before. 

Are you a small business owner in need of a website focused primarily on e-commerce?


Whether you’re launching a new e-commerce business, or your brand is expanding and you need to prepare for the growth, our custom Shopify design + development services are dedicated to getting you there.

A customer’s online experience is pivotal towards yielding high-converting results. We have the challenge of not only captivating their attention, but keeping them there to learn more about your product + services, the “why” behind your brand, and key functionality throughout the Shopify site that leads them to “add to cart.”

We achieve this through a collaborative process of understanding what your brand is, who you are wanting to serve, and why your product + services are essential in their lives. From there we implement a strategic road map that outlines a blueprint for success. Our goal always remains front and center — to attract your soulmate client and generate more profit for your business with a website that converts.

A beautifully designed website is nothing without professional, eye-catching imagery. This is why we require all of our website design clients to provide us with recent professional brand photos for use across their website.  If you do not have professional brand photos to provide that were taken within the last 6 months, we're happy to share more about our Brand Photography services.

Professional Brand Photography


kind Words

Working with Marra Creative Studio on developing my Podcast website and brand design was such a wonderful experience. They gave thoughtful ideas and design concepts that made it easy for my vision to come to life. The process was organized and they guided me through each step and decision, taking the guess work out of the things I felt uncertain about. I appreciate that they are incredibly organized and prompt, I felt like I had their entire attention throughout the whole process. They made me feel like they cared about my brand and vision as much as I did. I can’t recommend them enough!

Aisha Sams

"They Brought My Vision To Life."


kind Words

I love that they provide ALL the creative services I could possibly need, including branding, website & more brand photography! I knew they would bring my dreams to reality in a streamlined, cohesive, and beautiful way. Creating a website can be quite overwhelming, but they guide you at every turn. I was so appreciative of their professional advice when I needed it - everything from copywriting to demonstrating value within the layout to distilling words for maximum impact. What they created was positively magic. I couldn't be happier with the outcome - what they created captures my essence and the brand I was dreaming of. True story - I got teary-eyed the first time I saw my website. It felt like it was made with love. 

Karisa Curtis

"They're positively magic."


kind Words

I felt as though my website was "tired" and didn't represent my passion for what I do. My business is unique, and I appreciated how they really listened and wanted to "get it just right" for me. They both took time to really learn and ask me questions and gave me plenty of opportunities for feedback. The result was a beautiful website that represented my brand and business and above all my passion - it represents exactly what I want my potential clients to know about me. It's safe to say I'm a huge fan of Kristin & Christina, I can't wait to keep growing with them as not only my designers but cheerleaders as well! 

Holly McCarthy

"I'm a huge fan!"