August 23, 2023

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Want to know what is music to our ears? When a potential client comes to us and says that for years they’ve been putting off doing photography and now they’re finally ready to invest in brand photography to take their business to the next level and they’re ready to do it with Marra Creative Studio.

Brooke (Grayson) is a real estate agent in the Thousand Oaks area of California and what makes her unique to other agents is that she invests her time + energy into really becoming an advocate and friend for her clients searching for their dream homes to build their own memories. Her marketing approach is relatable, approachable and down to earth. She wants potential clients to feel a connection with her, which means ditching the classic business suit or formal attire and sharing content that buyers/sellers can relate to.

Brooke booked a 4-hour lifestyle brand photography shoot which we shot entirely at a Peerspace location in Newbury Park. This allowed us to not waste time driving to and from multiple locations, but rather strategically utilize one property — kitchen, living room, dining room, and outdoor space. The result was over 10+ looks that encompassed not only business-related shots (think laptop, planners, signs, etc), but also family photos. Family photos were really important for Brooke to incorporate because again, she wanted to create that familiar connection with potential clients.

Lifestyle Brand Photography with Real Estate Agent, Brooke Grayson | Marra Creative Studio
Lifestyle Brand Photography with Real Estate Agent, Brooke Grayson | Marra Creative Studio
Lifestyle Brand Photography with Real Estate Agent, Brooke Grayson | Marra Creative Studio

A commonly asked question is, “what is lifestyle brand photography?”

We approach our brand photography shoots with a lifestyle approach with the goal to ensure that the content feels approachable, relatable, and on brand so that ideal clients can envision themselves working with the person, or using the products in their own homes or lifestyles. This approach usually involves us shooting in a variety of locations that fit the brand aesthetics and we highly encourage our business owners to be in front of the camera as much as possible as people love to invest in owners they’ve come to know and love.

Want to learn more about how a lifestyle photoshoot could work for you? Reach out to us to schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to see if we’d be a good fit!

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