Make an impact with a collection of imagery that are uniquely yours and allows you to visually share your brand's story in an authentic + memorable way. When there are the moments in between, we seek out to capture beautiful, raw memories that will forever be cherished for years to come.


We believe that the                stories
are told through authentic imagery.


In today's digital landscape, it's imperative to have a visual presence. A single collection of images has the ability to attract, inspire and cultivate a unique connection with your ideal client.

Photography is engaging and plays an important role in sharing your brands ever-changing story, but when it comes to the task of content creation — we mean authentic, captivating content — that's when things get messy and frustrating. We hear it over and over again from countless entrepreneurs, the need to be active and present, but feeling so overwhelmed to capture good quality imagery. That's where we come in — after an initial consultation discussing your needs and identifying your brand highlights, we then get to work building out a mood board that provides direction when selecting locations, outfits and any props so that come shoot day, we're ready to rock n'roll and make the most of your investment.

Our approach to any photoshoot is quite simple —   

our approach

Why we do it

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

— Annie leibovitz

have fun, laugh a little, smile to your hearts content
and enjoy being doted on because you my friend are pure magic.    


Our process

all while having fun!

Brand Photography

Our greatest joy as photographers is when our subject and the lens make a connection and the result is pure magic. It's in these moments that we're able to capture a genuine expression, the perfect light reflection or the subtle playfulness that appears effortless. For a brand, it's these images that attract your ideal client — they can see themselves using your product or service, they find you relatable and most of all, approachable.

From lifestyle shots to product focused details, we aim to create visual messaging through beautiful imagery that captures the true essence of your business, brand and the people who are the heart & soul of it.     

From the entrepreneurs seeking personal branding to the influencers + bloggers and the home designers alike, we thrive on capturing authentic imagery to elevate your online presence. Ready to set yourself apart? We're willing to climb the highest peak, roll up our pants to play in the ocean and travel the world to create epic content just for you. 

Moments In Between

It's in the belly laughs, dancing in a field, embracing wild+windy hair, the warm embraces, sneaking in a kiss and all the moments in between that our couples + families treasure for a lifetime to come. Whether your celebrating an engagement, whisking away to elope, wanting to cherish in the maternity moments or capture a season of life as a family, we love it all.     


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To the homebuilders, developers, investors and interior designers — you've invested an incredible amount of time and money into your real estate project and now it's time to let your hard work shine with magazine worthy interior photography. Whether it's to be used in your portfolio, on a website, social media content or marketing collateral we aim to capture not only large scale hero shots, but also unique vignettes that make the styling unique to you. No two homes are alike, let's make sure yours stands out.


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the barstool series

We whole heartedly believe in celebrating women just as you are today. Not what you were in the past, not who you're aiming to become, but the person that stands before us now. As women, we often put ourselves last and the Barstool Series is about putting you first. There needs to be no other reason to do this photoshoot other than you wanting to feel amazing.

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My experience with Marra Creative was amazing from start to finish! During the shoot, Kristin and Chrissy were such professionals - they were prepared, came with even more ideas to work with, extremely efficient and it was effortless to connect and feel comfortable with them. Best of all - the shoot was FUN! It's very easy to smile with these two! I couldn't be happier with my photos.

It Was Easy to Smile with These Two!

kind words


Working with these two amazing ladies was such a fun experience. I'm new to personal branding and Marra Creative made it so easy for me to get comfortable in front of the camera and really be myself. The images turned out incredible and was so impressed by the quality and quantity we received. I would highly HIGHLY recommend working with them. 10 STAR ✨

I Can Really Be Myself


We've had amazing family photoshoots with Kristin over the past 3 years. She always has great suggestions and makes the whole experience fun, especially for our toddler. She also does a great job working with our dog! We love the photos every year and couldn’t be happier!


Makes the Whole Experience Fun!

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The women of Marra Creative gave my small e-commerce business, Revelrea, the incredibly important feeling of LEGITIMACY and CONFIDENCE all through their photography. I knew I had found talented photographers who perfectly understood what I was trying to capture and convey, but I also learned they were social marketing gurus too, and they carry this knowledge into their photoshoots. I can honestly say that after I started posting their photos, my product began shining and receiving more attention!

- KELSEY WILBANKS (@revelrea)

The Feeling of
Legitimacy & Confidence

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My fiancé and I had the most magical experience working with Marra Creative for our engagement shoot. The experience was perfection from start to finish. Kristin is a true talent. We fell in love with the photos. This was the first professional shoot we’d ever done and Kristin made the whole experience effortless. She had a whole list of activities to help get the perfect candid shot. Bravo! 


We Had the Most Magical Experience

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