7 Apps We Use Daily in Our Business

February 28, 2023

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The number one priority in our business is organization because when you’re organized it means your client communication + client experience are top-notch. Happy clients often means they’ll talk about you to their other entrepreneurial friends.

We’ve worked really hard over the past 4-5 years to perfect our processes and the tools we use to achieve not only a superior experience for our clients but to streamline our efficiency in-house as well. We’re creatives with a Type A personality!

7 Apps We Use Daily in Our Business as Entrepreneurs | Marra Creative Studio

Here are the 7 apps we use daily in our business as entrepreneurs in a creative space.

No. 1 | Asana

Our business survives on Asana. This is our most used app as we use it for weekly task management, overall business management as well as client project management, and client communication. This tool allows us to onboard the client and eliminate the use of constant emails back and forth.

No. 2 | Slack

Next to Asana, the Slack app is used almost just as often. This is what we rely on for in-house communication. We create a new “channel” for each client and/or project which allows us to stay directly focused on each individual project without communication getting jumbled.

No. 3 | Later

We’ve used Later as our social media management tool for many years. There is a free and paid version and both are equally worth it though we’d always recommend starting off with the unpaid option until you feel it’s necessary to upgrade.

No. 4 | Canva

Though we are professional designers who use Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), there are times when it just makes more sense to utilize Canva. In-house, we use it to create social media graphics and we’re able to collaborate on content as a team. For our Clients, we often get requests to create marketing collateral documents and/or a set of social media graphics that they’ll have the capability to edit. Oftentimes, this means we can’t use Illustrator and Canva has become a wonderful tool to use for this purpose.

No. 5 | Apple Mail

Who has just one email anymore? Apple Mail allows us to add all of our email accounts to one place and manage them easily. When it comes to client communication, we aim to move conversations over to Asana once the onboarding process is complete.

No. 6 | Voxer

Voxer is a great app to use for in-house communication. Sometimes you just have to chat it out instead of wasting the time typing out a novel on Slack. We know some people offer this line of communication for Clients as well. Hey, it’s an option!

No. 7 | Dropbox

At this point in time, 8 years into the business, we’re definitely at the upgraded Pro version of Dropbox. We store a lot of design and photography assets in Dropbox for both in-house access between the team as well as for our Clients. Since we travel a lot, it’s really nice to have access to files while on the go without worrying about bringing an expensive hard drive along.

We’d love to know, do you rely on any of these 7 apps to run your business? Better yet, do you use any that we haven’t listed that you can share with us? We’re always looking to be even more efficient with our time!

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