5 Reasons A Fitness Studio Needs Brand Photography

February 28, 2023

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If you own a fitness studio, are a personal trainer, or have your own online program, it’s essential that you invest in brand photography because until you get them to try out your program, you’re likely relying on your ability to inspire them. Potential clients want to feel a connection to their coach. It’s likely the one part of their day where they’ve agreed to be submissive and trust that your knowledge and expertise will guide them on a path to achieve their health + wellness goals.

With that being said, there are countless fitness “gurus” available to choose from so we need to make sure that you stand out. Whether that’s attracting a local audience or a global audience, we need to capture their attention and we can do that with high-quality brand photography.

5 Reasons a Fitness Studio Needs Brand Photography | Marra Creative Studio

5 Reasons a Fitness Studio Needs Brand Photography

No. 1 | You inspire people — show off your own personal hard work + achievements. It’s a form of validation of your commitment to your personal wellness and if you have the 6-pack to prove it, you should show it off. You’ve earned it!

No. 2 | It makes you approachable — for those of us not in the shape we desire, we want to make a connection with our trainers because we think they’d be the right fit for us. Show up, and let us get to know you.

No. 3 | Sneak peek — this is an opportunity to give them a glimpse of what it looks like to be a member of your gym or program. We all want to be a part of a community, so show yours off.

No. 4 | Promotional – use your batch of images to highlight new offers, and special announcements and throw in the occasional testimonial of a client’s success.

No. 5 | Highlight services — let a potential client know how they can work with you. Your gallery of images should contain a variety of content that helps you share your available services from group classes to personal training or available online programs.

When we’re shooting with our fitness clients, we focus on the content being approachable, relatable, welcoming, upbeat + positive, and most importantly, inspiring. We want to capture grit, emotion, and toughness while also remaining uplifting.

Get in touch with us if you’re ready to flex your muscles in front of our camera this year!

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