March 10, 2023

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Danielle Vardaro is a personal brand dedicated to empowering women to level up in life and leadership while actualizing their full potential and creating more “champagne moments” every day. When crafting the visual inspiration for the Danielle Vardaro brand, our goal was to communicate empowerment, inspiration, positivity, fierce femininity, and boldness embodied in strong branding that invokes feelings of luxe, magnetism, and relatability.

Marra Creative Studio - Danielle Vardaro - Brand Identity Development
Danielle Vardaro - Brand Identity Development - Marra Creative Studio

Visual Inspiration

The imagery in this mood board is intended to communicate an elevated lifestyle that inspires women to be their own “hype woman” while creating full and fabulous lives on their terms. Each image was carefully curated to draw the attention of women who are ready to take their lives and career to the next level and inspire them to believe that they are capable of anything and everything they want if they are willing to work for it.

Color Story

The color story told by this collection of images communicates strength, elegance, and boldness. The emerald green tone signifies abundance, prosperity, and growth within all aspects of life. The gold tones signify wealth and luxury while the pops of red represent passion, power, confidence, and motivation. Together, the color tones and imagery share a powerful narrative for female go-getters everywhere.

Logo Variations

Our goal when designing the logo variations for the Danielle Vardaro brand was to communicate her dedication to empowering women to level up in life and leadership while invoking feelings of strength, empowerment, and relatability. Each design was crafted with clean, bold aesthetics paired with unique elements that are subtle yet eye-catching.

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