March 30, 2023

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We hear it constantly — your time is your greatest resource — but we also happen to think that our brilliance is quite possibly more valuable. If you don’t allow time to do what you do best, then they’re right, you’re wasting your energy on tasks that (a) aren’t tapping into your creative brilliance and (b) are taking up essential blocks of time that you could be spending on moving the needle forward.

We get it, as an entrepreneur you’re tasked with product/service creation, sales, customer service, accounting, marketing + social media, all things content creation, client relations AND you’re still supposed to be a loving partner, daughter and friend. Whew. That’s a a lot.

There comes a time in your business where you need to step back, evaluate where you’re spending your time day-to-day and where you SHOULD be spending your time. Here’s how to know when it’s time to outsource some tasks.

Your Website Status

Your website is either nonexistent or hasn’t been updated in ages — we’re talking outdated service offerings, and page designs that don’t yield high conversion rates. Ask yourself this …. are you a little embarrassed to send a potential client or customer to your website? If the answer is resoundingly “yes,” then it’s time to outsource a designer to uplevel your online presence.

With the constant changes happening on social media platforms, it’s not a good marketing strategy to put all your eggs in that basket. To put it simply, you lack control of the platforms and it’s time to put your energy & money into something that is 100% yours. Ahh hmm …. that would be your website.

Here are Marra Creative Studio, we work with our clients to build custom website designs on either Showit or Shopify that makes your brand stand out, your offerings the star of the show and it attracts your dream clients resulting in a profitable ROI.

Your Brand Photos

If the photos you have of yourself and your brand are outdated and just simply don’t represent what you have to offer, then it’s time to looking to outsourcing brand photography help. It’s a business investment that yields the biggest results because one brand photography sessions can supply you with images to update your website, create fresh social media content for months, enhance your newsletter designs and uplevel your marketing collateral.

The key to a successful brand photography session is strategic planning. You and the photographer should discuss your goals for the shoot, content needed to attract the business you want, a shot list, locations, outfits and props along with identifying types of photos you’re currently missing. That way, come shoot day you’re maximizing your time + investment with the photographer.

Your Branding

A tell-tale sign it’s time to outsource some brand design help is if when you look at your logo designs or review your brand colors + typefaces and it makes you cringe because it’s just not resonating with who you anymore. It’s ok to have outgrown you initial branding concepts. Heck, most brands do! As humans were always evolving and so does your brand. If you feel this way, it usually means you’re ready for an updated brand identity development.

If you’re struggling to identify what it is that you want out of your brand or you just feel like you need to get a better grasp of who your brand is, what you offer and who you’re trying to attract before investing in a rebrand — download our Brand Your Heart Out Guidelines PDF. After you work through the 20+ pages of strategy, then we chat about how we can best serve YOU.

Let’s be real with one another as entrepreneurs — we can’t possibly excel at wearing all the hats of a business owner and live a purpose driven life that’s filled with passion, adventure and dare we say it, rest.

Imagine what it would feel like to free up time to do the tasks that only you as the entrepreneur can do for your business. Finding the right team to outsource some of these important tasks allow you to focus on what you do best (creating that amazing product or service) and allows them to elevate your brand to the potential you’ve always dreamed of but didn’t know how to achieve.

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