Why You Need Fresh Brand Photos for a New Website Design

March 2, 2023

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Let’s chat about how website design + brand photography go hand-in-hand and if you’re planning to hire a designer to build you a new website, you’re going to need fresh brand photos.

In a nutshell, imagery creates instant connections. Furthermore, imagery that involves the owners or key personnel creates yet another strong point of connection with potential consumers.

We want connections with our consumers right?

Why You Need Fresh Brand Photos for a New Website Design

As designers, when we’re building websites for our Clients it’s imperative that we have a gallery of high-quality assets to select from. We actually require it. In order to move forward with your project, we request recent brand photos from within the past 6 months. Why? Because we’re aiming to build you a beautiful new website that not only attracts your target audience but does so in a way that converts them into paying clients. We can’t do this with a website full of text. We need images to convey who you are, what you do, what you offer, and create points of connection. Only so much of this can be done with stock photos.

Here at Marra Creative Studio, since we’re both brand photographers AND website designers, we approach both avenues with a cross-functional purpose.

Have an upcoming brand photoshoot? We’re going to ask how you plan to use the images and if it’s for a website, we’re going to be intentional with our shot list and composition to ensure we have options that fit homepage banner images, sales pages, etc.

The same goes from the perspective of a website designer — we’ll suggest that you obtain a selection of images to fit certain sections on the home page, services page, and most importantly, the coveted about page. Again …. it’s all about making those connections. Let your consumers “meet” you and get to know the face behind the brand!

Oftentimes, we end up working with Clients to provide both of these services for a streamlined process. We start with a 2 or 4-hour brand photography shoot and then move on to the website design project.

Is it time to schedule your next brand photography shoot?

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