April 20, 2023

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Spring is upon us and as we’re starting to throw open the windows and discard things we no longer need, it’s important we do a little spring cleaning for our businesses as well. A new season comes a new opportunity to freshen things up and allow room for your brand to bloom. Let’s get started!

Spring Cleaning | The Business Edition by Marra Creative Studio

1. Audit Your Website

Your website is often used by potential customers as the last point of validation — does this brand seem legit? Do they offer what I’m looking for? Do I feel a connection with them?

We suggest going page by page and making notes about (1) your copy and SEO, (2) your brand images, (3) functionality — do all the buttons work, is navigation easy, (4) refresh your testimonials and last, but most importantly (5) review what your offering and determine where you can uplevel.

2. Brand Photos

If you haven’t take fresh brand photography in the last 6 months, it’s time to contact your photographer. Remember, the investment is worth it because you’ll use these images for website, social media, newsletters and more! This is a visual representation of your brand, make it count.

Are you still in need of a brand shoot? Take this opportunity to source new stock photos from sites like Unsplash or Pexels.

3. Social Media Audit

It’s time to get real with what is and isn’t working with your social media strategy. What are your highest performing posts? What took a lot of time but ultimately failed? Take note and be realistic about what you’re able to do, it’s ok that you can’t tackle all the latest trends.

Remember, it’s ok to ask for help. Social media is a ton of work and investing in the help of a strategist could be well worth the money.

4. The Newsletter

Don’t skip having a newsletter as a part of your marketing strategy. It’s the golden ticket to have a direct pass to someone’s inbox. Use it wisely. Review your frequency, type of material , exclusive content and how you’re attracting new sign ups.

Having a designer build you custom branded templates is also a great way to ensure you’re sending out high quality content that reach your target customer’s inbox. A small investment that could reap big rewards!

5. Client Communication

From the moment a potential client reaches out, they should be getting a top tier experience. Take this time to review your lead process along with your client communication processes throughout an entire project. What can you improve on?

Do you use a CRM program like Dubsado? Take this time to create customized lead forms, proposals and questionnaires. This ensures every bit of communication feels elevated and validates you as a brand.

Throw on some music, grab a fresh bouquet of flowers, open the windows and give your business a fresh spring cleaning! If you like receiving helpful content just like this, join our email list to receive the monthly Collective.

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