August 24, 2023

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What started out as just being a genuine fan of the Nomad Lane brand turned into brand photography campaigns and content creation on a monthly basis. It’s really fun when you get to work with entrepreneurs, brands, and products that you feel a connection with, and taking brand photos of the Bento Bag, all over the world, has been such a fun experience!

Each month, we work with Nomad Lane to create a series of content that they then utilize for their digital marketing campaigns. This typically includes (2) Reels and a set of high-resolution images. In addition, periodically throughout the year, we will collaborate on campaigns specific to their marketing needs which involve larger-scale brand photography (and video) productions. And, since we travel so much, it’s been a great opportunity to take the Bento Bag on our trips and capture images throughout airports and unique locations like Paros, Greece.

Nomad Lane Bento Bag Brand Photography by Marra Creative Studio

If you’re ready to have your product (or service) captured in varying lifestyle settings to use across social media, newsletters, website, and marketing collateral, connect with us about scheduling a brand photography shoot. Book a complimentary discovery call to learn more about how we could work together. We promise you this — we’ll aim to create a batch of content that accurately represents your brand and creates connections with your ideal customer!

Don’t forget, as a photography team we are located in Ventura, CA / Madison, WI and Nashville, TN with the ability to travel anywhere in the world to capture exactly what you need to reach your target audience!

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