February 28, 2023

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When it comes to approaching e-commerce design for a Shopify website, there needs to a healthy focus on it both being visually appealing to attract your customer and functional in design with high-converting features that result in purchases. When the owner of PAWJ California, Julee, came to us needing a website refresh she vocalized that the current site didn’t connect with her brand, was difficult to navigate, let alone edit and ultimately it just felt outdated.

She was right about all of it. After conversing with her, we determined that the core brand elements felt warm, relaxed, approachable, casual, and connected to nature. We agreed to move forward not only with a brand new Shopify e-commerce design but also with a 4-hour brand photography package so that the visual elements aligned with her brand vision.

We ended up designing a 7+ page Shopify website that included a purposefully designed home page that gave customers an opportunity to not only learn about the brand and the owner, but also the currently available PAWJ shoes, different collections, a call-to-action to sign up for the newsletter with an exclusive discount offering, where the brand has been featured in recent press articles, and connect with the brand on Instagram. We also built out an intentional About page that outlines their commitment to cruelty-free footwear, a contact page, and subsidiary pages that included FAQs, Care + Cleaning, Shipping + Returns, and Terms of Service.

The result is a high-converting Shopify website that not only captures the attention of customers who land upon the site but also gives them value-added education into vegan footwear and with well-design functionality, it’s easy to navigate and “add to cart.”

PAWJ California Shopify E-Commerce Website Design by Marra Creative Studio
PAWJ California Shopify E-Commerce Website Design by Marra Creative Studio

Are you a small business owner in need of a website focused primarily on e-commerce?

Once we’ve done the foundational work of creating a strategy and road map for the content of your new Shopify website, then it’s time to dive into the design aspect. We’ll use your strategy blueprint as well as your completed copy to design a website that is as beautiful as it is functional with high-converting features, mobile responsive, and SEO friendly so that your customers are able to navigate and shop your website with ease. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to learn more.

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