April 24, 2023

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We firmly believe now more than ever that brands must show the key personnel behind the business, especially the owners. Truth be told, brand photography shoots are our favorite because it’s the perfect mix of lifestyle meets product-based content and we absolutely get giddy helping our clients come up with a shot list that will help them convey who they are, what they do, and how they serve their clientele.

Stephanie from Bare Complexion Acne & Skincare in Ventura, CA reached out to Marra Creative Studio after recently renaming her business and wanting her marketing to match the change. She was a bit nervous and apprehensive about doing a brand photoshoot but knew it was important. This is where we thrive. We love the challenge of shooting with Clients who don’t love being in front of the camera and take personal responsibility that by halfway through the shoot, they’re finding themselves more and more comfortable, and by the end of it … they’re nailing the poses on their own.

We started off with a one-hour photoshoot and once we finished, Stephanie had already decided to book a follow-up shoot to capture more content and include models. Yes! That’s what we love to hear!! I mean look at her, isn’t she gorgeous and of course, her skin is glowing like the professional esthetician that she is.

Stephanie Vega, Owner of Bare Complexion Skincare and Acne
Bare Complexion Skincare and Acne in Ventura, CA

Once we have the next series of images photographed, we’ll continue to add to this gallery so you can see what a 3-hour brand photoshoot can provide you as the Client. Stephanie is going to be left with a large gallery of assets that will help propel her business forward whether it’s through social media, newsletters, and her website.

If you’re ready to step in front of the camera for your own brand photography shoot, reach out to us to book a complimentary discovery call to learn more about how we could work together. We promise you this — it’ll be a lot of fun, there is plenty of laughter, and dance music is encouraged.

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