We live in a world where hustle is worn like a badge of honor. What if instead you simply worked smarter to allow time for you to explore the profit driven tasks that only you can do? In today's digital landscape, social media is oftentimes the first time a potential customer puts eyes on your brand. It's an opportunity to captivate them with beautiful imagery, thoughtful messaging, and curated intentions designed to lead them directly to your website to shop, inquire, learn more and take that important next step ... the investment. 


The key to being successful on social media is know your brand identity, have a strategy, consistently create fresh content and engage. Our time is valuable and the one thing we know we need to do and do well is the very thing that we spend the least amount of time planning and executing — social media. When you have a well-defined strategy in place not only are you able to batch out content in half the time, but you're also ensuring that the right type of content is consistently being published. It's quite literally, work smarter not harder.      

Strategize, Then Create.     


If you've gotten to this point, you're probably ready to waive the white flag and be more intentional with your time spent on social media, craft an actual strategy designed to attract real paying customers AND get countless hours back that are wasted every day, week and month hoping your recent posts are doing the job.     

Waving the White Flag

+      Brand Mood Board + Color Palette

+      5-Pillar Social Strategy

+      Curated Hashtag Recommendations 

+      Popular Industry Keywords

+      Photography Guidelines

+      Photo Editing Tools


+      Helpful Apps + Websites

+      One-on-One Team Trainings

All presented in a stunning PDF document to be used as a resource tool for you & your team


Got a strategy in place but want to pick our brains about implementation, how-to's or best practices? We can do that.     

Want to simply become more proficient on a certain social media platform? We're happy to share our tips + tricks and tools with you!     

Not sure if you need a strategy? We're able to perform a social media audit and give suggestions on what's not working, where you're exceling at and what's missing.     

Frustrated with spending countless hours on social media to see a minimal return on your investment? We get you and we're here to help.     

The Time is Now

Let's do it, i'm ready!

— Valeri Mervyn,
RELM Camarillo

Love working with the Marra team, they have done an amazing job helping us with photography and social media management for our business since the day we opened our doors. It has made such a difference in our overall branding and defining who we are.

It's Made Such
a Difference