We believe in                    over competition and that with the willingness to learn, a budding photographer is
within us all.     

Ready to turn the dial from automatic and learn how to shoot in manual mode? Are you wanting to know how to capture those stunning backlit images , what to say to generate authentic memorable moments or dive into the in's & out's of Lightroom to produce your signature style? Have you already got the makings of a photography business, but now you want to elevate it with pricing, contracts and deliverables? Then this is the photography mentorship for you. It's one-on-one learning where we'll give you a hands on approach to becoming a better photographer. No question is off limits and it's 4 hours dedicated to helping you become a more confident photographer.



One Hour Photoshoot

+ choose from a brand (product / influencers) or lifestyle (personal or couples) inspired photoshoot.  + learning how to set up your camera to capture the perfect shot
+ how to direct the subject with intentional prompts to capture authentic movement + emotion
+ tutorials throughout the entire session (front lit vs back lit, how to avoid shadows, etc)
+ ask any & all questions, the time is yours!

Post-Shoot Process

Essential Business Chat

+ learn how to efficiently cull your images to save time
+ tips on creating an organized system for file organization
+ Lightroom tutorials, editing tips and presets
+ how to deliver a stunning, high-end gallery to your clients

+ using a CRM to streamline your client process
+ contracts + pricing
+ tools, programs and tips to be efficient + professional
+ ongoing support — we're your biggest cheerleader!
+ plenty of time for Q&A

photography mentorship

The single most important component of a camera is the person behind it.



Before & After