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Stephanie Vega, Owner of Bare Complexion Skincare and Acne in Ventura, CA

We firmly believe now more than ever that brands must show the key personnel behind the business, especially the owners. Truth be told, brand photography shoots are our favorite because it’s the perfect mix of lifestyle meets product-based content and we absolutely get giddy helping our clients come up with a shot list that will […]

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Spring is upon us and as we’re starting to throw open the windows and discard things we no longer need, it’s important we do a little spring cleaning for our businesses as well. A new season comes a new opportunity to freshen things up and allow room for your brand to bloom. Let’s get started! […]

We hear it constantly — your time is your greatest resource — but we also happen to think that our brilliance is quite possibly more valuable. If you don’t allow time to do what you do best, then they’re right, you’re wasting your energy on tasks that (a) aren’t tapping into your creative brilliance and […]

Alexa Landolfi - Showit Website Design - Marra Creative Studio

Alexa Landolfi is a Connecticut Based Autoimmune Expert offering resources and support. Her mission is to help  women suffering from various Autoimmune Diseases to be the best version of themselves despite their diagnosis.

Marra Creative Studio - Danielle Vardaro - Showit Website Design

Danielle Vardaro is an Aviation Executive, Marketer, Global Speaker, Champagne Lover, Hype-Woman, and Champion for Women & Moms in the Workplace. She is currently the Vice President of Worldwide Customer Support & Aftermarket Sales in Commercial Aviation for Embraer where she leads a high-impact global team. Alongside her day job, she’s committed to elevating the impact and presence of women in STE(A)M and is passionate about helping women actualize their full potential.

Marra Creative Studio - The Dish by Lauren - Brand Identity Development

Lauren Caputo is a Certified Registered Dietitian based In Madison, Wisconsin passionate about helping others learn to lead healthier lives, diet free offering courses, 1 on 1 coaching and helpful guides.